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there comes a point when “I’m too stubborn to hit you up first” “i have too much pride to show you how in love with you I really am” etc. gets old if you love, miss, need, want, someone speak tf up, life’s too short to not let the person you love know they are loved, and even if the outcome isn’t what you wanted at least you put yourself out there and tried. Life’s too short don’t wait until it’s too late just because your “stubborn” or you have too much “pride” because what’s living if you don’t make an effort to keep the one person you wanna share your life with.

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If you’re in Austin Texas let’s party.

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I’m sitting on my balcony during a thunderstorm at 2:43AM. The skies haven’t stopped crying since last night. And I haven’t slept either.

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"We’re all trying to forget someone."
Six Word Story

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